3 Amazing Lesser Known Hikes Near Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs has a plethora of trails to explore!

Looking for a hike admiring the beauty of nature without the touristy crowds? Here are 3 amazing lesser known but still beautiful hike options near Colorado Springs.

1. Lovell Gulch Trail

Lovell Gulch Trail is one of the beautiful hikes near Colorado Springs. The amazing view that you can experience along the way will make you appreciate the beauty of nature. It will give you chilling vibes while discovering the amazing history and past. This place is recommended to everyone who loves to engage in more physical activities like hikes or any other cardio involve exercise. You can appreciate the beauty along the way with your favorite pet on a leash. Visit and enjoy the experience.

2. Little Scraggy Trail

This is another beautiful hike near Colorado Springs. This hike is a little longer and is the newest trail in the area. This area is recovering nicely with luscious greens after a recent massive forest fire. It will satisfy your senses and make you appreciate the beauty of the forest. You can experience the beautiful forest and the amazing rock formation at the same time. This has been in progress for years after the massive forest fire. Enjoy and be amazed by the scenery.

3. Palmer Lake Reservoirs

The third recommended hike near Colorado Springs is the Palmer Lake Reservoirs. The scenic views of this area are worth exploring. Come and experience the amazing hike and the beautiful lakes. This area showcases the beauty of nature and tourists will love and appreciate it. Visit, explore and enjoy the amazing site.

Whether you prefer a leisurely stroll or something that gets your blood pumping, one of these trails is bound to satisfy your adventure bug. Come visit and have fun!