Colorado Springs Famous Places and How They Were Named

We all know the places we visit are famous, but only a few would know how the place came to be and how they were named. Some places were named after historical events, some were named after famous people and others were named after a word that best describes the place. We have listed some popular places in Colorado Springs and explain how each of them was named.

Garden of the Gods Park

Hearing the name of this popular park in Colorado Springs makes it sound like it has a very deep meaning behind it. This place was supposed to be called the “Beer Garden” as named by a surveyor M.S.Beach. His companion, Rufus Cable then said that the place looks more like a place where the Gods will gather because of its amazing rock formations. This resulted in the current name of “Garden of the Gods Park”.

Pike’s Peak – America’s Mountain

Pike’s Peak is known as one of the highest summits in North America. The peak was first named by Zebulon Pike and he called it the “Highest Peak”. Then Pike’s Peak name was changed to “James Peak” to honor Edwin James, a scientist who set out on an expedition to the Rocky Mountains. Later the summit was named by the United States Board on Geographic Names as “Pike’s Peak”.

The Broadmoor Seven Falls

Seven Falls was named after its geographic feature as a series of cascading 181-foot waterfalls alphabetically named Bridal Veil, Feather, Hill, Hull, Ramona, Shorty, and Weimer. The name “Seven Falls” came from its current owner, The Broadmoor. Hence, the new name “The Broadmoor Seven Falls”.

No matter what name you call these places, the most common word people will call it is “beautiful”.