Colorado Springs’ Unusual Tales

Famous for its remarkable landscapes and fun activities, Colorado Springs has a few strange tales to tell its locals and visitors.

Tesla Caused a Blackout

Back in 1899 after the invention of electricity, Nikola Tesla conducted numerous experiments of the Tesla Coil in Colorado Springs. The city gave him free land and control of the city’s power to build his lightning bolt. This successful experiment created a 100-meter long bolt and caused a booming thunder that was heard for miles. Because of this, the city experienced a blackout and also a fire in their electric equipment.

Tesla paid for the damages by giving up his lab to the government and he was never given that privilege again.

Secret Military Base

Beneath Cheyenne Mountain lies a hidden fortress called the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, a military base and nuclear bunker which was once the command center United States Space Command and NORAD. This 2,000 feet deep base is fitted with strong blast doors weighing 25 tons and can survive a 30 megaton nuclear blast from miles away.

This secret military base is said to be used for flight crew training but no one knows what goes on behind those thick 25-ton doors.

What other strange Colorado Springs tales and legends do you know about?