Cripple Creek Ice Festival

Come marvel at pure carving talent!

This 2 weekend long festival showcases the most beautiful ice carvings in the world!

Past themes have included “Under the Sea”, “Rocky Mountain Wonderland”, and “Old West.”

This year’s theme is “Carver’s Choice” and will be nothing short of amazing!

There will even be an ice slide for children to play on!

When? February 8- 16th

Where? City of Cripple Creek

Price? Free!

Other activities going on:

  • Butte Theater: showing movies “Hook” and “Love Letters” on Feb 14-15th at 7:00 pm.
  • Heritage Center: story telling with Steve Plutt of the “Midland Railroad Tragedies.”
  • Old Homestead House: tour the city’s most famous brothel!

Join the city of Cripple Creek in these eventful 2 weeks!