Drive Around Colorado Springs this Fall

Driving can be more interesting if you are taking a route that is overlooking wonderful views! View the mesmerizing beauty of Colorado Springs’ mountains and attractions by car! We have listed the places where you can drive safely and enjoy your adventure.

Pikes Peak Highway

Your scenic drive on the Pikes Peak Highway starts at its gates from where it is about a 19-mile drive up. This highway was constructed in 1915 by Spencer Penrose and is now being used by most people for their driving adventure and the annual racing event called Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Look down on fantastic views of Colorado Springs and Denver when you reach the top. It is going to be a long drive so make sure that your car is in its best condition!

Gold Belt Scenic Byway

Driving on this National scenic byway will not only give you a wonderful scenic drive, but it will also take you past historical places such as the Cripple Creek and the Victor Gold Mine. Gold Belt Scenic Byway is connected to these sites that are also known as the richest gold mines in the history of Colorado. Taking this route is extremely recommended for an educational drive!

Skyline Drive

If you are looking for another view from the top, you may add to your driving adventures a trip to Skyline Drive! Have fun driving in nature and enjoy the waterfalls you will find on your way. Skyline Drive offers spectacular overlooking views of the Shenandoah Valley and its beauty during fall. Enjoy the stunning views and many overlooking attractions on your drive to the Skyline!