Family Friendly Restaurants in Colorado Springs

The kids are getting rowdy and everyone is hangry (so hungry you are angry). Don’t stress! We put together a list of Colorado Springs’ most delicious and family friendly restaurants in the area.

1. King Chef’s Diner

Since opening in 1997, King Chef’s Diner has received titles such as “Best Diner in America” and “Best Diner West of the Mississippi!” A must try item for breakfast is called “The Thing.” It is a heaping plate piled with 2 pieces of toast, your choice of meat, hash browns, 2 eggs, green chili, and cheese! You can even buy a bottle of homemade green chili here to make your own “thing” at home!

2. The Airplane Restaurant

Amaze your kids, and yourself, by dining inside an actual airplane! That’s right, you can chow down on sandwiches, burgers, steak, and seafood inside a 1953 Boeing KC-97 tanker. The Airplane Restaurant is family friendly and a great setting to learn about aviation history!

3. Mountain Shadows Restaurant

Dubbed old Colorado’s favorite diner, Mountain Shadows Restaurant has delicious comfort food from breakfast to lunch. If you go for breakfast, try the ooey and gooey “Giant Cinnamon Roll!” This restaurant has been owned and operated by family for over 25 years so there is no doubt the whole family will enjoy it!

4. Poor Richard’s

Poor Richard’s is more than just a restaurant, it is also a bookstore, toy store, and cafe! Poor Richard’s has something for everyone when it comes to the menu, from New York style pizza to veggie burgers. Go on weekend evenings and you can experience live music from local artists or open mic night the first Wednesday of every month.

5. Fargo’s

If you’re looking for a wow factor, you’ll find it at Fargo’s. This unique pizza restaurant is all Victorian styled, even the staff is in character!  The 500 seat venue will have you gawking and the old Italian recipes will have your mouth drooling! The whole family will enjoy the theme, along with a live piano player and arcade.

Let loose and enjoy family time at any of these five great Colorado Springs restaurants!