FAQs about Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is Colorado’s second most popular city with all its beautiful scenery and attractions. Here are some frequently asked questions about Colorado Springs and the answers will really surprise you!


Is visiting Colorado Springs wallet-friendly?

From taxes to car rental fees, Colorado Springs is a more affordable place to tour and visit compared to Colorado’s capital, Denver. The prices of luxury hotels and other accommodation are lower than in other places.

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Whenever I travel somewhere people usually ask me what I plan to do, and for the most part I have a well thought out itinerary of places I want to visit and things I want to see. But recently I’ve been loving one thing in particular – getting lost☺️ I love driving to a populated area where there’s a ton of restaurants and shops and just walking around for hours without direction! It turns into a fun game of “what’s this place? Want to go inside? What do they have in here? I’ve never tried this food before! There’s so many things to look at!” You’re constantly amazed because everything is so new and different from what you expected, because when getting lost you can’t really expect anything! While in Colorado Springs we stumbled across the cutest shops with vintage clothes, unique stationary, and even a few art studios; places we never would have gone to if we didn’t just park and walk around! So the next time you travel somewhere and are even in your own city, try getting a little lost – you might find some of the coolest places imaginable✨

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How is Colorado Springs’s weather during winter and summer seasons?

Winter in Colorado is fairly mild despite the snow. The temperatures are moderate and not too uncomfortable. In the summer season, the highest average temperature is 84°F (28.9°C) and the lowest temperature around 58°F (14.4°C). The city’s low humidity prevents it from being too hot in summer.

Is Colorado Springs accessible by vehicle?

Yes, Colorado Springs is only 70 miles (113km) from Denver. People driving their own vehicle can use Interstate 25 and enjoy some picturesque sceneries.

Can tourists enjoy a lot of activities within the city?

Guests and locals alike can enjoy different activities in the city, both indoors and outdoors. They can enjoy biking, mountain climbing, hiking, horse-riding and many other blood-pumping pursuits.

Colorado Springs also has different cultural exhibits and attractions for those who prefer staying within four walls.

Are there any good restaurants and bars?

The city is home to the Penrose Room, which is the only five-diamond rated restaurant in Colorado. There are also various restaurants and lounges that serve food and drinks of your choice at reasonable prices.