Haunted Stories in Colorado Springs

Adventurous tours are always fun and exciting. But what kind of tours are “unusual”? You can say that terrifying tours are the unusual ones. Well, Colorado Springs will let you know about its terrifying stories with the haunted places in Colorado Springs for an “unusual” tour.

Dark Figures at Evergreen Cemetery

Part of some cultures and traditions is to visit the tomb of their loved ones on Dia De Los Muertos or the Day of the Dead in the Mexican culture and on All Souls Day. But if you ever want to visit the Evergreen Cemetery that was founded in 1871, you better watch out for the dark figures that haunt the cemetery and the chapel. The cemetery was featured in My Ghost Story on the Biography Channel. There has been a strong negative force at the cemetery according to a paranormal expert.

Shadows in Robes on Gold Camp Road and Tunnels

The Gold Camp Tunnels have existed since the 1800s and many people are suspected to have died while building the tunnel. There were many reported incidents that the Gold Camp Road and Tunnel have paranormal activities going on, especially in the tunnels. Hikers are terrified by the unexplained scratches on their bodies and hearing laughter in the tunnel and in places near it. Some people say that there are men that look like shadows in robes seen walking with a torch. If you ever get to see things like those near the Gold Camp Road and Tunnel, we recommend that you drive away!

Cave of the Winds Mountain Park in Manito Springs

People still tour the Cave of the Winds Mountain Park in Manito Springs, but with a little twist. Unlike other tours, guides inform their visitors not only about the history of the cave but also its frightening paranormal stories. There were stories during the late 1800s about the sudden disappearance of some people who have visited the cave. The disappearances are still unexplained until today. Cave of the Winds was also featured on My Ghost Story on the Biography Channel and was investigated by The Spirit Chasers.